Apollo server express neo4j nodejs problem

Hello, I’m in the process of developing a GRAND stack application. I’ve established a Neo4j database instance with existing data and successfully utilized the Apollo standalone server. I’ve noticed that when I specify the types of nodes that are already present in the database, a variety of CRUD queries are automatically generated. However, since I require more advanced configuration options, I’ve chosen to employ the expressMiddleware from the apollo/server/express4 package. Unfortunately, when I provide the types to the schema in this setup, I don’t get the same auto-generated queries. So, my question is whether I’m obligated to manually write all the CRUD boilerplate code, or if there’s something I’m overlooking? I appreciate your time and assistance.

Can you share some more details? I’m not familiar with neo4j and the auto-generated queries. There shouldn’t be any difference in how your ApolloServer instance is constructed, so I don’t follow how switching from startStandaloneServer to expressMiddleware would break your project’s configuration.

Thanks for the reply. It happened to be a personal misconfiguration…