Apollo Studio Enterprise self hosted

Can Apollo Studio be setup to run in our own AWS account? My organization prohibits transferring data to external sources (Apollo GraphQL Cloud Services)

Hi! Unfortunately we don’t offer an on premises solution for Studio right now. There are lots of ways to configure what you send to Studio, but there is currently no way to host it yourself.

Hi @ayvazj we’d love to learn more about your needs. As @daniman mentioned we’ve made it easy to exclude any sensitive data from what you send to Studio and would be happy to walk through our handling of data with your organization. We have some of the most-regulated companies around as Apollo Studio Enterprise customers - European banks, anyone? - and we’re confident we can address concerns your organization might have about handling sensitive data. You can also learn more here: Apollo Studio data privacy and compliance - Studio - Apollo GraphQL Docs
Please let us know if you’d like to discuss this more and start a security review with our team!