Apollo-tooling deprecation and migration to Rover

I have been using apollo-tooling with apollo cli to generate my typescript typings from graphql schema fetched from API url.

I followed this tutorial: TypeScript GraphQL Code Generator – Generate GraphQL Types with Apollo Codegen Tutorial - Apollo Blog

And used: npx apollo service:download --endpoint=$(grep REACT_APP_GRAPHQL_URL .env | cut -d ‘=’ -f2) graphql-schema.json

However, Apollo cli is deprecated and getting removed in the next major release in favour of using Rover.

I have not found a similar command to generate typings from schema using Rover cli. Is that possible?

Hello, great question! To clarify the deprecation, only the apollo service:* commands of the Apollo CLI are deprecated and will be removed. The apollo client:* commands (including apollo client:codegen) will remain.

Moving forward, you can use Rover to download your schema from a running server (with rover graph introspect) and continue using apollo client:codegen to generate types from that schema.