Apollo v1.3, swift ios how to access type UploadFile?

Using apollo v1.3 on ios and trying to access my clients fetched records “featuredImage” type UploadFile
Have run ./apollo-ios-cli generate
Type ‘SchemaPPP.Objects’ has no member ‘UploadFile’
static var __parentType: ApolloAPI.ParentType { SchemaPPP.Objects.UploadFile }

I have an older project in v0.5n that has accessed it previously, I dont know if theres some custom magic other file in the source that has made it work. Im rebuilding the app in swiftui with this new version but thats pointless detail.

To be clear I am not uploading files, I am fetching records. I see notes that uploading api has be ditched.

image attached

Additional code for its generated code

        /// Event.FeaturedImage
        /// Parent Type: `UploadFile`
        struct FeaturedImage: SchemaPPP.SelectionSet {
          let __data: DataDict
          init(_dataDict: DataDict) { __data = _dataDict }

          static var __parentType: ApolloAPI.ParentType { SchemaPPP.Objects.UploadFile }
          static var __selections: [ApolloAPI.Selection] { [
            .field("__typename", String.self),
            .field("id", SchemaPPP.ID.self),
            .field("url", String.self),
            .field("name", String.self),
          ] }

          var id: SchemaPPP.ID { __data["id"] }
          var url: String { __data["url"] }
          var name: String { __data["name"] }

i dont know if this is the answer but I got it to shhsh and work

// SchemaPPP.Objects.UploadFile does not exist at all
// so followed the chain and found
// case "Query": return SchemaPPP.Objects.Query
// and copied it and changed to this below
// removes the error
extension SchemaPPP.Objects {
  static let UploadFile = Object(
    typename: "UploadFile",
    implementedInterfaces: []

Hi @nameyyyu8 - this looks very similar to another recently reported issue, x is not member of x in generated files error after using selectionSetInitializers · Issue #3112 · apollographql/apollo-ios · GitHub. I recommend tracking that issue for any potential fix. I’ll link to this in that GitHub issue so we can link the two.