Cannot upload file in apollo federation with apollo server 4, expressMiddleware, @apollo/gateway

Hi, my team and I are working a micro services based on apollo graphql and apollo federation. We have gotten a point where we need to add file upload functionality to our application but we have not been able to at some level. We have been able to add the file upload functionality to our subgraphs and they are working but submitting the file through the gateway to the subgraph has been the challenge.
We searched online and found a package called @profusion/apollo-federation-upload which we implemented based on the docs on the package but still we have not been able to achieve what we want, thus sending the file through the gateway to the subgraph. We also realized that all the solutions that people have provided was based on either apollo server 2 or apollo server 3 but since we are using apollo server 4, we are struggling to get any useful help

We will appreciate if we could get some working tutorial on how to upload file in apollo server 4 and expressMiddleware in a federated graph setup. Thank you

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Thanks for your feedback. We have had some discussions of File Upload being supported in the Apollo Router. Keep an eye out on our weekly changelog and I’ll try and update here if that happens.

Having the same issue. Supporting file upload seems like critical functionality.