Creating a dashboard

Hi -

I’m looking to create a dashboard for my team with some KPIs on our GraphQL endpoint.
While trying to scope out the effort, I noticed that lot of the metrics I need are available within Apollo Studio. Since the dashboard will be pulling data from multiple sources, I wanted to see if I can access this data via API but I could not find any documentation. I noticed that there is some integration with DataDog Enterprise, but that was all I was able to find.

Any help or leads would be appreciated.


Hi @robosung - while we don’t currently offer any official APIs, we are starting to consider this. We are also considering ways to surface KPIs for your graph directly in Studio, would you be able to share the specific KPIs that you were looking to measure?

Sure, they’re pretty standard stuff and what we determined as meaningful for us to look at right now.

  • p95 <500ms response speed overall
  • p95 <1s response for all operations individually
  • Error rate (measured as 5xx responses overall responses) < 99.9%
  • Error rate on all operations below 0.5%

While having these KPIs in Studio would be awesome, our goal is to integrate these KPIs with other KPIs extracted from other systems… Like others who build and use graphql APIs, we also have web and mobile clients that have separate KPIs measured in different systems.

Thanks so much!