Download deprecated parameters using introspection

When I download schema from introspection using gradle task downloadApolloSchemaFromIntrospection my schema.json file does not contain deprecated parameters. I desperately searched for any option how to enable deprecated parameters during download or even to specify custom introspection query, but to no avail.
Am I just being completely blind or maybe use wrong search terms? Can anyone please shed some light on this subject?
Thanks a million.


Thanks for reaching out! You are definitely correct, it looks like (includeDeprecated: true) is missing from the query that’s used. Sorry about that! I’ve opened an issue here, and will look at a fix.

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Is there any date for releasing the fix? I wanted to try 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT, but that collides with missing gradle plugin of the same version unfortunately.

Hi! We are planning on publishing a new 3.x version probably next week, or the one after this at the latest. The fix happened to be a bit more challenging than expected, as the ability to retrieve these deprecated args is too modern to work on servers that implement the latest stable GraphQL spec.
Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate it! :+1:

Hi @Tomino! The fix is now available in v3.7.5 which was released yesterday. Don’t hesitate to let us know if this works as expected.