How to debug "Cannot decode introspection" error when running downloadApolloSchema

At some point, changes were made to one or more .graphql file in our project and introspection via ./gradlew downloadApolloSchema broke. I’ve spent a significant amount of time going back through Git commits, manually inspecting our .graphql files, etc. trying to figure out which commit broke things… it’s painful to say the least.

Is there a way to get more detailed output from ./gradlew downloadApolloSchema that highlights which file is causing the “Cannot decode introspection” error?

I’ve tried running the command with --stacktrace, --info, etc. but I still can’t figure out the source of the error.

I resolved this by going back to Apollo Kotlin 3.7.4 (we had upgraded to 3.7.5 recently). So it actually wasn’t an issue with a query or anything like that.

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I solved my issue the same way. Maybe just a problem with version 3.7.5. Thanks @nateirwin :raised_hands: