Download JSON Schema from Explorer?

Is there any way to download the schema in JSON format from the Explorer website? I know I can get it in SDL, and I can get it via CLI call, but it seems reasonable to want to just download it from the SDL tab (or somewhere nearby) in Explorer.

Hello @JetForMe, the Studio does have the functionality to download the schema. It is under the Schema section and not the Explorer section.

Note that this will be a raw schema i.e .graphql file and not a .json file.

Hope that helps!

Yes, as I said in my original post, I know you can do that. I’m looking specifically for the json format.

Hello! It is once again true that this exact functionality is not currently available, and I’ve once again passed your feature request along to the Studio team. Thanks for the great suggestions! :smiley:

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Hey @JetForMe! :wave: Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.

I’m curious to better understand how you’d like to use the schema in JSON format in your workflow after the point that you’ve downloaded it? Could you describe how you use a JSON version of the schema?

I’m the product designer for some of these features, and I’m always interested to better understand schema development and collaboration workflows, and new ways of building that I haven’t seen yet, so your input would be super helpful. :pray:


For the Apollo iOS client code generator.

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Oh, and Postman. It also accepts GQL schemas as JSON.

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@JetForMe Did you try Sandbox? It has a subset of features from Apollo Studio and does not require you to log in. Very helpful to look at schema and run queries without having to log in.

An alternative to Postman (especially for GraphQL) is Insomnia. It does automatic schema introspection so you don’t have to add/import schema manually.

Look, I just want to be able to download the schema in JSON format from studio/explorer. I can do it from the command line, but that’s a pain. It doesn’t seem like that much to ask, but I guess it is. I’m not going to change the other tools I use because of this.

@JetForMe we just released this!

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Outstanding! Thank you!

Now just give me away to alphabetize the lists in Explorer :slight_smile:

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