Federation-jvm disappoints

I setup an apollo server, apollo federated and apollo gateway. and websockets and various libraries and so forth. The node libraries and documentation was a breeze, and so was the client. So, we decided to take a stab at adding federated support to our graphQL java implementation. The federation-jvm project is interesting, if basically takes your graphQL endpoints and adds the semantic sugar and entity information on top of your schema exposing an SDL.
I’m no java expert, but there are senior people on my team who are experienced, and have a pretty good understanding of spring boot, and a lot of the decorator baggage that comes with it and know the domain. After, 2 weeks of wrangling with the libraries, we’ve given up with federation all together. This is unfortunate for Apollo, my team, and the status of this project in general. I’m chalking it up as a failure. We just couldn’t get it work, and after attempts at trying to make it work we realize that the java app is simply not ready and doesn’t seem to have support to make the pitch to my company. How would I convince other teams this is viable when your own examples don’t work out of the box?

See this for example: Documentation support is weak. · Issue #167 · apollographql/federation-jvm · GitHub