Feedback and improvement on "tutorials/intro-strawberry"

Hello everyone,
Two days ago, I have started studying intro-strawberry tutorial. It is really good and exactly what I have been looking for on the net.
Going through the tutorial, as it is in beta, I have noticed couple of opportunities for improvement and few typo/visual-discrepancies. I am more than willing to make contributions on related git-repo/document. If not possible, I can share aforementioned points.
What would be the best way to accomplish this without disturbing your workflow?
Would you mind guiding me or providing me with an entry/contact point?

Hey there @aliaslanturk - appreciate the offer! We are happy to take any feedback. Unfortunately we don’t have the course content source available for an easy PR.

The easiest way to share your feedback would be to leave a comment at the bottom of each lesson. A Google Doc also works! Let us know, and looking forward to reading your feedback!