GraphQL Developer Associate Exam showing blank page

Hello Team,

While attending associate developer exam getting blank white screen as shown below. Tried clearing caches and all browsers but remains same.
Kindly let me know. Thanks.

Tried in Mac and Windows, and facing same experience.
The pattern its occurring is for every topic, after attending 2 or 3 questions getting this issue.

Kindly suggest whether I can Submit the exam and try after 3 days or try again after you do some fix on your side?


I tried using different browsers including Safari and Chrome. But it is still getting errored out in the 4th question.

Yes the exam giving blank page…

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ve pushed up a fix addressing the issue. So sorry for the inconvenience that it’s caused.

If this issue prevented you from completing the exam, feel free to email us at with the email or GitHub username you use to log into Odyssey if you’d like to skip the 3 day retake waiting period!


Thank you for checking on this and this issue prevented me from completing the exam. I’ll send an email to skip the 3 day retake waiting period. Thank you again!

Hello Jgarrow,
I got failure delivery for the provided email ID.

Can you kindly confirm whether is the correct email ID?


Sorry about that, it seems our settings aren’t quite correct… could you try this email: ? Thank you!

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