How can we setup code generation of the project included Apollo via Xcode SPM

Since we integrated the Apollo SDK through SPM with Xcode Project. As a result, there is no Package.swift file. The document only shows how to setup for Code Generation from CocoaPods or SPM with Package.swift. Is there a way to accomplish this? or does it not yet support?


+1 on this, tried 3 possible ways according to the doc, but still can’t generate the files. would be good if we have sample project or config json.

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We’ve found that the Xcode plugin is not working properly due to limitations Apple puts on the plugins. We recommend manually installing the CLI using the “Manual Installation” instructions found here.

We’re working on providing a better method for this in the near future and updating the documentation as well. Sorry for the confusion!

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@Shumin_Gao what errors were you getting?