How to change supergraph endpoint using rover?

I’ve set up Apollo Router.

I’m publishing subgraphs using Rover CLI.

How to set the apollo router endpoint in Apollo Studio using the Rover CLI?

I already know how to run a GQL query at, with mutation Graph__SetVariantURLMutation and giving it auth token and new url, but this method is at least not elegant.

Is it possible to do it using Rover CLI?

PS. This is my first post here, hello all, thanks Apollo for your great products!

Yup! I believe you should be able to use rover subgraph publish for this? It’s what I use for what you’re describing. Rover subgraph commands - Apollo GraphQL Docs

Yup! You can do this for each subgraph, I’m already using Rover exactly for this.

I want to set the supergraph Apollo Router endpoint URL.

Any ideas?

Hey @pingwing - unfortunately there is not currently a way to set the supergraph endpoint from Rover. You’ll have to continue using the platform API for this functionality for now.