How to generate GraphQL Enum data with nestjs/graphql?

For this kinds of enum creation:

import { registerEnumType } from '@nestjs/graphql';

export enum ColorEnum {
  RED = 'red one',
  BLUE = 'blue two',
  GREEN = 'green three',

registerEnumType(ColorEnum, {
  name: 'ColorEnum',
  description: 'Color Types',

I want to set RED as key and red one as value. However, after it generated to GraphQL docs, it showed Enums as


Color Types

Kind of type: Enum



It’s using key as value directly.

Something like data in Enums menu of ApolloGraphQL Studio:

Is it possible to transfer the value to GraphQL docs without resolver?

enum AuthType {
 GOOGLE =  'google-auth',
 GITHUB =  'github-auth',
 OUTLOOK = 'outlook-auth',

interface UsersArgs {
  first: number,
  from?: string,
  status?: String,
  authType?: AuthType,

export const resolvers = {
  Query: {
    users: (_record: never, args: UsersArgs, _context: never) {
      // args.authType will always be 'google-auth' or  'github-auth' or 'outlook-auth'
      // ...