Integrating Swift Scripting features into git

I’ve just starting delving into the GraphQL world, following the Installation section(Installation - Client (iOS) - Apollo GraphQL Docs). I’ve decided to go the Swift Scripting way for code generation. The bit that I am missing is what is the best way to add the whole ApolloCodegen command tool feature to the git repo? Just adding the folder introduces a lot of new files and this just doesn’t seem like the way to go.

Thanks in advance, U.M.

Hi Uros! We do not recommend checking that into git since, as you said, it’s a lot of files.

The Swift Scripting code will attempt to download a version with a specific SHA hash if it can’t find it locally, so people and/or CI machines who don’t have it locally should be able to have the same version without needing to check it into version control.

The main part that interests me is how to make the ApolloCodegen generate easily available for every contributor and/or CI machine, since we will be using it as one of our build steps. Downloading the folder from GitHub - apollographql/iOSCodegenTemplate: A template for the code you need to set up to get Swift Scripting up and running. manually for every machine doesn’t seem like a great solution.