Integration with server sdks

Hi Odyssey team, just wanted to ask if you could create a tutorial of best practices when integrating with server sdks besides just integrating via their rest endpoints for e.g integrating with a payment processor or any of the cloud services available on the public cloud, seems like there is a lot of ways but there is no clear direction as to which way is mostly best for avoiding one shooting themselves in the foot

Hey there! Thanks for your feedback. Could you give some examples of what kind of services you’d want to see?

Hi Michelle, thank you for replying. Any service you think would lay out the proper concepts that would be recommended in most cases. For example stripe payments sdks, firebase auth sdk, any of the public cloud sdks like integrating a gcp/aws/azure database or any service they have etc… outlining also things to avoid and pitfalls etc… so we have like sort of a repeatable structure when integrating with any sort of sdk.