iOS Swift B2C Login when passing queryString with policy Name Query String Not Accepting

Url with Query String


Below is the function we are using to call the B2C URL

func getAuthority(forPolicy policy: String) throws -> MSALB2CAuthority {
guard let authorityURL = URL(string: String(format: kEndpoint, kAuthorityHostName, kTenantName, policy)) else {
throw NSError(domain: "SomeDomain",
code: 1,
userInfo: ["errorDescription": "Unable to create authority URL!"])

let p1 = "["](
let fileUrl = URL(string: p1)!
return try MSALB2CAuthority(url: fileUrl)

Getting error Username and Password is incorrect.

when we use the same username and password with the policy that didn’t required the query string it just worked.

I think the issue is we are not able to pass the query string in the URL with the policy name

Hi @Pramit_jain, I’m a little confused as this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Apollo iOS?