Is query batching/merging supported?

The above image is what I am trying to achieve: fetch multiple Yelp businesses with their ids in one request (I have the ids ready in my hands). One important thing here is to be able to dynamically adjust the number of the businesses: sometimes I want to fetch 3, sometimes I want to fetch 10, etc.

I have gone through Apollo-iOS tutorial, and I was able to download the schema from Yelp API. Then I did some research on query batching/merging (not sure what it’s called), I have read this blog and this topic, but I am still not quite sure if this is doable in Apollo-iOS.

Has anyone done the similar thing before, or know if it’s doable? Any help would be appreciated!

@hdmdhr query batching isn’t currently supported in Apollo iOS, but it is something we would like to support in the future. The feature is being tracked in Support query batching · Issue #192 · apollographql/apollo-ios · GitHub (cc @AnthonyMDev @calvincestari).

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Has there been any update on this topic? I don’t see any recent updates on the github issue.