Is Schema Registry Open-Source?

Hi There,

Is GraphOS’s schema registry open-source? Is it possible to run a schema registry locally?


Hey there @Ronnie-personal, thanks for the question! The GraphOS schema registry is not open-source, the only way to use it is via GraphOS itself.

There are some available tools to replicate different registry behaviors in a self-managed environment (e.g., using rover supergraph compose for federation). Are there specific problems you’re looking to solve?

@dylan Thanks for the prompt reply!
I’m setting up a local development environment for subgraph and router/federation, and currently I’m at the step of publishing subgraphs. I am wondering if schema registry can be local or not.

I will report back after I have completed my local test in case there are any issues.

Thanks again.

You might want to take a local at rover dev for local development—it watches for changes in your subgraphs rather than you needing to publish them.