Is there a changelog for apollo-datasource-rest?

We are working on updating packages. Two of our api’s use, apollo-datasource-rest, at 0.12. The current version is 3.1.1. Is there a list of changes between all the version in-between to help alleviate any surprises along the way? Look at the repo, apollo-server/packages/apollo-datasource-rest at main · apollographql/apollo-server · GitHub, I am not seeing a

Is v3 only for use with Apollo server v3?

Thank you!

The only notable change between those versions is in the Migration Guide for Apollo Server 3 and dropped support for Node.js versions before v12.

There isn’t a dedicated for that package since it’s very low-volume; it’s changes are governed by the Server repository’s root It does get a small bump each time Apollo Server is published, but we do take care to make sure we log relevant changes in the primary CHANGELOG. In that regard, you can search the root CHANGELOG for apollo-datasource-rest, though you’ll find that the only notable change is that which is also called out in the migration guide for v3 that I linked above (regarding baseUrl).

Just to verify this, I went ahead and ran the following locally (GitHub’s web interface doesn’t support sub-directory filtered comparisons:

git diff apollo-datasource-rest@0.12.0...apollo-datasource-rest@3.1.1 -- packages/apollo-datasource-rest/ ':^packages/apollo-datasource-rest/src/__tests__/'

Feel free to run that locally on a checkout of this repository — it’s a small amount of output — but I can confirm that the changes are as I described above.

In regard to it being intended for Apollo Server v3, I’d go with “yes” because I suspect you’ll have problems getting dependencies to resolve correctly otherwise, as it depends on other apollo-server-*@3.x package.

Functionally speaking, if you’re not otherwise upgrading to Apollo Server v3 yet, I don’t believe you would gain any benefits as it’s largely a difference in the supported capabilities of the TypeScript compiler (i.e., override support on class methods).

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This covers it well, thank you. Once we figure out how to handle our federation schema updating stuff, we are looking forward to getting on v3.

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