Is there a way to make Batched Requests without them being chunked?

Hi Team :wave:,
We’re very interested in Query Batching on Android.
However, we noticed that when a Batched request is made, it is chunked i.e it contains an Transfer-Enconding: chunked.
Just checking if there is a way to not make chunked batched queries?


At the moment, there is no way to not use chunked encoding. The reason comes from the way batching is currently implemented internally (here).

In theory this could be changed, but I don’t think we ever had issues with chunked before. Does your server not support it?

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Hey @Benoit_Lubek ,
Yeah I noticed the source code earlier but thought of double checking anyways.

Unfortunately, our server does not support chunked requests. :sob:

Hi! Sorry to hear that. I’ve just created this issue to track this.

I’ve also added a workaround in a comment of the issue. Let us know if it works for you!

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