Is there a way to stop the playground from firing introspection query?


Iam using ApolloServer with ExpressJS. I disabled introspection in my apollo server , but Playground is still sending an introspection query.
setting the options:
introspection: false


    settings: {
        "schema.enablePolling": false,  // or even  "schema.polling.enable": false

Doesn’t change anything. I reloaded the playground but still doesn’t change a thing. Here the ApolloServer config in my server.js file:

const apolloServer = new ApolloServer({
    introspection: false,
    playground: {
      settings: {
        "schema.enablePolling": false,  // even "schema.polling.enable": false, does not work
    context: async ({ req }) => {
        console.log(req)    // here we can see the introspection query firing every 2 seconds

What could be the reason(s) ?

Hello @yousshark

Did you find a way to make it stop?

Thank you

Did you guys try to go in the playground connection settings and toggle off the auto update?

I think that should fix it.

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It worked for me
Thank you