Lift-off-part1-apollo-server - Error importing appolo-server

Hello All, I am in the LIFT-OFF I: BASICS section “5. APOLLO SERVER”.

I tried to import appolo-server in index.js and schema.js but keep on getting an error as below:

[nodemon] starting node src/index.js
throw err;
Error: Cannot find module ‘appolo-server’
Require stack:

I have installed appolo-server using npm install and i see package.json is updated with
“dependencies”: {
“apollo-server”: “^3.0.0”

I saw the appolo-server package in node_modules folder also.

I tried clearning npm cache, reinstalling node-modules, but none of them worked.

Can someone help me in this issue ?

Hey @VKVT , it looks like you’ve got apollo-server misspelled in your project somewhere. It’s 1 “P” and 2 “L”s.

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Hello @trevor.scheer, Yes, I have realized the mistake. Thank you for your help. Issue is resolved now