Odd Bug in Microsoft Edge?

My app has a bug that only appears in Microsoft Edge. It doesn’t show up in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. The stack trace doesn’t touch anyplace in my own Javascript code. I can’t tell yet if it’s a bug in Edge, or in the way Edge interacts with an npm package called clsx that is a dependency of mui.com components, or in the way Edge interacts with Apollo, or all three. Here’s what the stack trace looks like:

The stack trace goes on about 5 times that long. It never touches my own Javascript code directly.

So, it may be a bug in Edge and have nothing to do with Apollo. It’s weird that the trace is pointing at clsx.mjs, which doesn’t interact with Apollo at all.

I’m just posting this here in case anyone notices anything similar.

It’s starting to look like a bug in Edge.

The stack trace I posted above, claims the bug is on a call to the ApolloGraphQL function storeWriter.writeToStore located in clsx at line 1, position 374. But clsx doesn’t interact with ApolloGraphQL at all.

I confirmed this with the developer of clsx. He adds this observation.

There’s no Array.forEach in clsx either.
…Definitely a sourcemap issue, as shown by the green arrow in your screenshot

I’ve reported it to MS on their support page.

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