Odyssey GraphQL Certification Rest API Timing out consistently

I am on the GitHub - apollographql/odyssey-lift-off-part4: Odyssey Lift-off Part 4 Course Companion App , as part of the ceritication and when I cloned the repo and started my Client App - its failing consistently with -
ERROR: request to
https://odyssey-lift-off-rest-api.herokuapp.com/tracks failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT Hitting the RESY endpoint directly in the browser - do get the response, its just via the code and am not sure what is going on with it. Any help wil be appreciated as I planning to get the certification done by today …

Hi @snisheeth ! Sorry to hear you were running into issues running the client app. The REST API must have been down at the time. I’ve tried running the client app on my end and it’s able to query successfully now (provided the server is running on localhost:4000).

Were you able to try again? Let me know if you’re still running into issues!