Odyssey Lift-Off IV: "GraphQLError [Object]: Syntax Error: Unexpected Name "create"." EDIT: Fixed typo in Schema and it works now!

Hello! I followed the tutorial for Part IV at least twice and I can’t get passed “Testing a mutation in the Explorer”. When I go to check the Explorer, I notice it is not connected and my server has crashed. I copy and pasted everything (but the first time hand coded everything myself) just to see if it was a type error. It’s crashing everytime and I believe it’s originating from the resolvers.js file. When I take out the Mutation, it works. This error: “server/node_modules/graphql/language/parser.js:727
throw this.unexpected(keywordToken);” and “GraphQLError [Object]: Syntax Error: Unexpected Name “create”.” aren’t very helpful to me at the moment. Thanks for any help!

Hello again @feliciaiveliz ! It looks like you’ve found your culprit in the schema typo - glad you were able to fix it!