Rant: Why make everyone switch to Rover?

Apollo’s tool set is great. But why are you making everyone learn a whole new CLI tool???

Definitely a valid rant @travisbigarmor. We listen to the Apollo and GraphQL community very closely, and one of the biggest re-occurring complaints we’ve received about our older apollo CLI is that we were unnecessarily tying people to the Node ecosystem. Providing a new CLI as a static binary makes it a lot easier for people to use with different platforms/servers, CI/CD pipelines, etc. There are ways we could have worked around this in the Node ecosystem (using tools like Pkg for example), but we decided to take this opportunity to build a brand new CLI that truly leverages the performance and flexibility power of Rust, and gives us a more robust foundation to build off of moving forward. We’ll be announcing more great features for Rover soon, that will help reinforce this decision.

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