Receive normal non-graphql POST-request

We need some endpoints in our app where normal http-requests can be received, that don’t follow any graphlq-logic. For example

async function forThirdParty(request: any, response: any, next: any): Promise<void> {
  // ....
const app: Express = express();
const httpServer = createServer(app)'/thirdpartyWebhook', forThirdParty);

From zapier we get big email-attachments that are supposed to go to this endpoint, but when we receive it we get this error:

BadRequestError: Misordered multipart fields; files should follow ‘map’ (
   at Busboy.<anonymous> (/root/api/dist/node_modules/graphql-upload/public/processRequest.js:259:11)

Well obviously this isn’t following graphql-anything, because it isn’t graphql. This whole request isn’t supposed to be part of the schema.

How can we tell apollo to treat this endpoint as a normal post-request endpoint, not some graphl-endpoint?