Reducing error noise in Apollo Studio

We use Apollo Studio to capture perf metrics of our Apollo Server Federated GraphQL application.
I am noticing that we are getting lots of noise in the Operations > Errors. The errors that are creating the noise are when we throw if (!authData) return new AuthenticationError("Unauthorized."); when checking if a use has AuthZ role required to access certain fields or mutations in our Federated Graph schema.

I am wondering two things:

  1. Are there any error handling patterns that you can recommend to me for handling AuthZ in our Federated Graph?
  2. Is there a way to filter by Error type or message in Apollo Studio on the Operations > Errors view?

Hi! Unfortunately we haven’t built out much filtering in the Studio UI for working with errors. I think the best option we have is for you to define the rewriteError function in your Apollo Server config. Using this, you’d be able to filter out any “anticipated” errors that you don’t want to see in Studio.

@daniman Thank you!
I am curious if there is a way to submit an Apollo Studio feature request for this? If yes, can you share the link with me?

Hi @D_M! Sorry for the delay :sweat_smile: You’re welcome to submit ideas and requests on this repo for Studio: GitHub - apollographql/apollo-studio-community: 🎡  GraphQL developer portal featuring an IDE (Apollo Explorer), auto-documentation, metrics reporting, and more. This repo is for issues, feature requests, and preview docs. 📬

Thank you @daniman
Here is my github issue: Filter by Errors on Operations > Errors view · Issue #124 · apollographql/apollo-studio-community · GitHub