Rover subgraph introspection - no descriptions pulled through


I am composing a couple of subgraphs, a core GraphQL (from DGraph) and a smaller one which extends some of the types in the core.

I am bringing my subgraph schema to a file before I compose the supergraph:
rover subgraph introspect https://qwertyuiop:8080/graphql > subgraph_schema.graphql

The produced file does not carry any of the “”“descriptions”"" that are in place at the source, so the supergraph does not have any of the documentation when I use Apollo Studio to browse the API.

Is there another way around this?

Following further investigation into this, it looks like rover uses the following query to bring the schema back for a subgraph:

query SubgraphIntrospectQuery {
# eslint-disable-next-line
_service {

This query doesn’t bring out the descriptions.

The schema in question is being pulled from the graphQL endpoint on a DGraph service

Sounds like a good place for a bug report if you think you’ve found one.