Sandbox Behind Reverse Proxy

I attempted to make the move to the sandbox from the playground yesterday and all went swimmingly locally. However putting this into our dev environment did not and I suspect this is likely down to the fact that we’re behind one or more reverse proxies (traefik → cloudflare) and we are proxying a subpath and rewriting the request / response so that things are served from the root of each domain; albeit there were also other issues that had to be overcome with helmet - specifically the referrerPolicy and crossOriginEmbedderPolicy .

At the moment the sandbox is sort of functional, with a couple of exceptions:

  • On initial load - I get a message about the connection being refused when trying to do an introspection query, however this goes away in a fraction of a second and then it works. But it does prevent the initial ‘example’ query from loading in completely.
  • The example query that we have supplied ourselves via the document property of the landing page ctor does not show up in production.
  • Many many errors (1000s) spamming the console - which look like they are mostly related to telemetry e.g. segment, facebook, google. It’s really hard to be more specific than that because there are so many recurring requests being made to ping those services.

This is concerning if the plan is to deprecate the playground landing page. Has anyone got this setup and made it work?