Scalar is morphing into an object before hitting the network

Hi all,

My problem is the next, when I try to make a call and build the request with my parameters, the Scalar is morphing into an object before hitting the network, making the call crash. It is adding value and defined tags (details in the image).

Im using Android Studio and apollo version 2.5.11

Hi! :wave:

Could you share your schema as well as the query you’re executing? Thanks!

this is what I have in the schema.json

“name”: “numChildren”,
“description”: “”,
“type”: {
“kind”: “SCALAR”,
“name”: “Int”,
“ofType”: null
“defaultValue”: null

And. queries.graphql

query Mycall($params… $input: MycallQueryInput) {
Mycall(params…, input: $input) {
params …
currency {
summary {
status {
lowest {
ratePlan {


hotelSummaryOptions(params) {
hotels {

I am confused since numChildren doesn’t appear in your query.

Also can you tell me what the screenshot is of?

Please don’t hesitate to include logs, stacktraces, etc. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to understand the issue :blush:. Thank you.

I have no error logs, crash or another thing, this is why I am so frustrated.

The query is the next
query Mycall(params… numAdults: Int!, $numChildren: Int, … params, $input: MycallQueryInput) {
… more nested params

when the request is created before sending it, is when is injected the numChildren tag as an object; not like integer as you can see in the query, in the image is what Im trying to explain, the server works ok, I just want to use the same query in a different project, in the original project the call works good, the problem is when I try to use it in a different module and scalar is morphing into an object before hitting the network adding trash to the request(defined and value tags).

Nothing comes to mind at this point.
Is there a chance you could provide a small project reproducing the issue? Thanks!