Schema check fails even when operation is marked as safe

I am using following command to do schema check for breaking changes:

rover subgraph check mySchema@develop --schema ./path.graphql --name myservice

First run, it gives FAIL because of FIELD_REMOVED, as expected

│ FAIL   │ FIELD_REMOVED │ type `MyType`: field `myField` removed

and it gives the link to inspect details. Upon visiting link, there is an option to mark this change as safe, which should make this change pass in the future. However, when I rerun this command, I get the same error (but it should pass now since I marked it as safe)

Interestingly enaugh, when I visit the generated link again in apollo studio, it states Change marked as safe, but command still fails.

How can I make schema check command not fail for changes marked as safe?

Ok, It was my mistake, did not really get the ui…

On the left side there were multiple operations and I needed to mark all of them