Subscription with "graphql-ws" protocol

i am using ios SDK 0.50.0 GitHub - apollographql/apollo-ios: 📱  A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift.

when i request subscription it response WSError(type: Apollo.WebSocket.WSError.ErrorType.protocolError, message: “Subprotocol not acceptable”, code: 4406)"

so could it mean 0.50.0 not support “graphql-ws”?
where can i get log about the “Subprotocol not acceptable”

so could it mean 0.50.0 not support “graphql-ws”?

Hi - yes that is correct, apollo-ios does not support graphql-ws yet. There is an open issue (#1622) on the repo with some further details about it.

Here is a link to the tutorial/documentation about apollo-ios and subscriptions.