Toystack a new tool for your instant Dev Env

Dear Fellow Graphql Members,

We have designed a tool for instant graphql backend development builds.

At Toystack ( we have created a platform that helps developers setup, automate and deploy the development environment for their backend servers.

The key issues we are trying to address include

  1.       Reducing the considerable time and effort tech teams spend on building near identical staging and development environments for their backend to test new code (outside of production).
  2.       Automating the setting up (and tearing down) of multiple such dev-environments especially as this process becomes incrementally harder due to security, APIs, secrets,
  3.       Reducing the huge expense involved related to both server costs and man-hours
  4.       Allowing for the ease of setting up multiple cloud based dev-environments to test every new feature; This eliminates fail complications caused when only one dev environment is used for multiple new feature tests by different developers.
  5.       Providing insights on build statistics, CPU and memory usage profiling for every new change.

Salient features of the Toystack product include

  1.       Automates setup and deployment of development environments with minimal configuration changes for the backend.
  2.       Creates ephemeral (or permanent if configured) environments for every code push directly available on the Github Pull-Request.
  3.       Requires no dev-ops knowledge (or time) to setup and server costs are minimal.
  4.       Ensures all environments are available as shareable links so testers can evaluate before even merging the code.
  5.       Profiles and analyzes every code push to detect anomalies and give developers insights into the performance of their changes.
  6.       Helps to create a new dev backend env for every PR or commit.

We are in Beta would love to hear the feedback from graphql community.

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