Updated @apollo/gateway to 0.31.1 and it's no longer sending data to Apollo Studio

I updated the @apollo/gateway lib to 0.31.1 (previously it was 0.26.2) and it isn`t sending data to Apollo Studio anymore… Something changed?

Are you able to do a bit of bisecting with the intermediate versions to figure out exactly which version changed your experience? You can see the list of versions at @apollo/gateway - npm

(I’d guess that the most likely change is between 0.28.3 and 0.29.1 (you don’t have to bother to try 0.29.0, it has issues).)

Also, what version of apollo-server (or apollo-server-express, etc) are you using? Did you change that as well?

I’m using apollo-server-express version 2.18.2. I didn’t change. Should I?

You should definitely upgrade Apollo Server (to the recently-released Apollo Server 3 if it’s easy, or at least to the latest Apollo Server 2). Actually, the combination you’re running now isn’t fully compatible: Gateway v0.23.0 and later has a minor incompatibility with Server v2.18 and v2.19 (but not older or newer versions) as described in the Gateway changelog.

You shouldn’t have to make any code changes to upgrade from 2.18.2 to 2.25.2, and it brings in a lot of improvements, particularly around startup handling. Give that a shot, then try to upgrade Gateway?

If you are depending on any other apollo-server-* packages you may need to update them too.