Upload file using graphql-upload in Apollo server

I want to upload file in graphql API where upload file using mutation same as File uploads - Apollo Server - Apollo GraphQL Docs given example.

In that it’s possible for upload file without express?

Yes it is possible - see this note from the File uploads - Apollo Server - Apollo GraphQL Docs docs:

New in Apollo Server 3: Apollo Server 3 does not contain a built-in integration with graphql-upload like in Apollo Server 2. Instead, the instructions below show how to integrate it yourself. You cannot do this with the “batteries-included” apollo-server library; you must use a web framework integration such as apollo-server-express instead. To implement similar functionality with another Node.js HTTP framework (e.g., Koa), see the graphql-upload documentation for more information. Some integrations might need to use graphql-upload 's processRequest directly.

Referring to the graphql-upload documentation should help.