useSubscription with changing skip from true to false does not work

Hi there,

I want to use useSubscription only if all conditions in previuos hooks are met. I thought I could use the skip parameter for it. It works as long as I have a skip = true, no result ist returned and no network call to the server is made. My expectation was, that if I set skip to false and call the hook again it than would make a network call and return the result. To my surprise it dont. It just gives back laoding: false and result: undefined.
What am I doing wrong?

const { data, loading } = useSubscription<BPL.Subscription, BPL.SubscriptionAcFindSessionsHistoryArgs>(FindSessionProtocol, {
fetchPolicy: “no-cache”,
skip: skip || !taskId,
variables: {
filter: { input: id == "${taskId}" },

in my case the task id has than a value and skip changes from true to false. But no result or loading is changed.

@Edit: I checked the same code location with a useQuery and how skip works there, and this is working as intented. So I assume the skip does not work properly at useSubscription?