Using `createMockClient` for testing non react code?

I have mixed application that uses Apollo for both React and non-react code.
However, I can’t find documentation or code examples around testing non-react code with the apollo client,not using MockedProvider. I did, however, notice that apollo exports a mock client from the testing directory.

import { createMockClient } from '@apollo/client/testing';

I haven’t found any documentation about this API and am wondering if it’s intended to be used publicly and, if not, what the supported approach is for this.

The reason I need this is simple: When using Next.js’ SSR and/or SSG features data fetching and actual data rendering are split into separate functions.
So the fetching code is not using React, but Node.js to fetch data.
Therefore I use apolloClient.query to fetch the data I need.

When trying to wrap a react component around that fetching code in a test an wrap MockedProvider around that the apolloClient’s query method always returns undefined for mocked queries - so it seems this only works for the useQuery hook?

Do you have any idea how to mock the client in non-react code?
Thank you for your support in advance. If you need any further information from me feel free to ask.


Hi Horstcredible,

I am in a similar situation as you and I wondering if you solved this issue. If so, would you be willing to share here for both myself and future developers.