Using Serverless with apoll-server-lambda

I’m trying to get apollo-server-lambda to work with executable schema. When I run it, it does not seem to hit GraphQL. Here’s my Apollo server config:

const apolloServer = new ApolloServer({
  schema: initializeSchema(),
  plugins: [
    didEncounterErrors(errors) {`didEncounterErrors:`)
    async requestDidStart(requestContext) {`Request started! ${requestContext}`);
      return {
        async parsingDidStart(requestContext) {
`Parsing started!  ${requestContext}`);
        async validationDidStart(requestContext) {
`Validation started!  ${requestContext}`);
  context: async ({ event, context, express }) => {`Loading event... ${JSON.stringify(event)}`)
    const newContext = {
      headers: event.headers,
      functionName: context.functionName,
      expressRequest: express.req,
      user: {} ?? null,
    }`context ${JSON.stringify(newContext)}`)
    return newContext
  dataSources: () => {'!initializing datasource')
    return {}
  ...(['staging', 'production', 'demo'].includes(process.env.stage as string)
    ? { introspection: false, playground: false }
    : {}),

I was able to log the executable schema inside initializeSchema, but it does not seem to hit the GraphQL Typedef and Resolver. It just goes straight to context.

Here’s a related issue that I posted in Stackoverflow: