Voyage 1 _ step 7 tutorial issue

Hi All,

Is this a known issue or am I going wrong anywhere ?

Hello @KSaiPrakash,
I double checked the tutorial, and it works fine on my end.
What I can see from your screenshot is that you’re querying the reviews subgraph (sandbox on localhost:4002), asking it for
The review subgraph has no knowledge about the field, this type belongs to the location subgraph and would be resolved by it.
You can see on sandbox that the query can’t be resolved with the red underline on the field. If you navigate in the documentation tab though the available fields you wouldn’t see the field show up either on this reviews subgraph.
You should be able to get your query working on the gateway (port 4000 on the tutorial) that will be able to resolve both reviews and locations.
Hope this helps!


Hi @Raph - Thanks very much for coming back and explaining this. Yes I realize my mistake now and have learned from it. Thanks again for your patience in explaining this issue. Take care.

Rgds, Sai