VS code supports extension bisecting?


Wow, this is amazingly cool. Thanks for the tip @abernix! :heart:

I think it’s pretty cool, too! This functionality seems largely inspired by one of my favorite git commands, git bisect — i.e., A way to more quickly answer the question of, “so many commits could be causing this odd bug, how do I narrow it down more quickly”.

A reasonable answer? Binary search algorithms!

And the same need to inquire more applies to the case when you’ve installed too many “recommended” VS Code extensions and your editor has gone haywire! Sure, you could disable them one by one, but why not let software do the investigation for you and leave you just to push the “it’s broken” button?

(If I’m sounding a bit like a Homer Simpson at the nuclear power control panel here looking for the easy button — that’s me, and that’s why I enjoy building dev tools :wink: )

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