What is cache different with redis

In AS4, in odyssey-lift-off-part5-server/server/index, there is code as the following:
const { url } = await startStandaloneServer(server, {
context: async () => {
const { cache } = server;
return {
dataSources: {
trackAPI: new TrackAPI({ cache }),
What is cache different with redis

Hi there @freedom909 ! The Apollo Server does indeed come with a cache that’s ready to use and configured to make querying the server quick and performant. But you certainly don’t have to make use of this out-of-the-box cache. Apollo Server supports integration with other backends, including Redis. Here’s an article from the official Apollo documentation that might have some of the detail you’re looking for! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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thank you very much, that is I am looking for.