What should we do with Github Discussions?

Now that we have this community, should Apollo turn Github Discussions off on our main OSS repos? While it’s an interesting feature and it’s nice to keep questions and ideas about Apollo OSS projects centralized in Github, they aren’t a great fit for discussions that involve several parts of the Apollo ecosystem. We decided to start this new community to create a one-stop shop for people interested in discussing all things Apollo and GraphQL; keeping Discussions enabled could fragment things. Thoughts?

We’ve been officially piloting discussions on the iOS repo, but I think it’s the only one where things have been official rather than “Oh, this is here now! Neat!”.

I’m planning to leave discussions open for the moment since there’s not a way to migrate it to read-only mode and there’s some super-useful stuff in there, but we’ll add a pinned post sending people to these forums as the primary method of support.