Where to report a security vulnerability in Odyssey Platform?

Hello Team,

I was unable to find information about how to report a security vulnerability for your products, so I decided to ask the question on the forum to find more.

There is a critical security issue I have found that would allow any user to pass the associate certification with a 100% pass rate.

I would appreciate if you could provide me with the contact information for your security team. Please let me know the details so that I can forward them on.


Hello @avicoder
Thanks for reporting the issue in the community forum.
I’m Raph, I run the Education team which is in charge of the Odyssey platform.
Let’s continue the discussion over email, I’ll send you my contact information by DM on Twitter.
Thanks again, and looking forward to connect.


cool, thanks for being prompt.
Will share details over mail.

Wow, still waiting for get reported issue fixed?
any timelines??

Hello, we’re releasing a major version of Odyssey, with complete structural rewrite. The fix is part of that new version. We’re planning on releasing this version this week.