AF2 Value type merging: Working?

I copied the book types from the docs into my 2 subgraph schemas. Seems pretty straight forward but they will not compose. I tried a bunch of other variations as well but this seems like an example that should work. Am I doing something incorrect or is the Alpha broken?

[{"message":"Field \\"Book.title\\" can only be defined once.","locations":[{"line":15,"column":3},{"line":48,"column":3}]},{"message":"Field \\"\\" can only be defined once.","locations":[{"line":16,"column":3},{"line":49,"column":3}]},{"message":"There can be only one type named \\"Book\\".","locations":[{"line":14,"column":1},{"line":47,"column":6}]}]

I am using a schema registry and polling for the schema definitions. maybe there is a bug there?

Confirmed that it has to do with the schema registry composition after the gateway pulls the typedefs.

Hello! You’re performing composition with managed federation in Apollo Studio, correct? As a first thought, have you enabled Federation 2 composition for the Apollo Studio variant you’re using? Without flipping this switch, Studio continues to use Federation 1 composition, which would presumably raise this error.