Apollo 1.4.0 build errors

Xcode 14.3.1, Apollo version 1.4.0 , running on Mac 1

but I am receiving this error when it installs:

/Apollo/1.4.0-d4d06/Sources/ApolloCodegenLib/LinkedList.swift:84:30: error: value of type ‘C’ has no member ‘isEmpty’

precondition(!collection.isEmpty, "Cannot initialize LinkedList with an empty collection. LinkedList must have at least one element.")

@jaspreet_Singh Can you provide more details about the issue you are seeing? What do you mean “when it installs” are you running the Install CLI plugin and seeing this error? Or running the generate command of the cli? If you are getting this error when running a command on the cli such as generate can you provide a sample schema and operation(s) that would demonstrate the issue?