Can not install dependencies

Hello I have a problem with installing dependencies after typing npm install in full stack tutorial and I also experienced it with the both side quest authentication and the other one. It give me a bunch of errors and after my investigation there is a problem with sqlite3 package which has some link to a url that doesnt exist or has no content on a page. So it makes an error and its not possible to install the NPM at all. I was trying to copy here the log but there are many links in error logs and it doesnt let me to create the topic here because it says maximum 2 links. So I tried to upload screenshots but it says to me that I can upload only embeded pictures or what so I dont know how to show you the error log. THanks for youir help.


Hi @Pavel_Hajduch, thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear that you’re running into problems.

Could you provide some more information about your environment? Specifically, your computer’s operating system and your npm version?

For copying error logs, did you try wrapping the log contents in a markdown code block? (i.e. wrapping it in triple backticks (```)). That might help you be able to post the error message to the forum. In the preview the styling will look something like this:

Log messages here. Including multiple links should be okay.

Hope we can help you figure out a fix!