Create a variant with federation 2 already enabled

Hi, we are trying apollo studio with support to federation 2 - it’s nothing less than amazing, keep it up!

Our current setup involves a fed2 supergraph available in many environments: qa, staging and production. While we’ve been able to create variants for staging and production, we are struggling with the qa ones, since every qa environment has a different hash. We planned to create and, upon completion, delete variants in qa environments but currently it does not seem possible to publish a graph with rover and have federation 2 enabled. Federation 2 is not a property of a graph, but of its variants, and can be only enabled from the UI after a variant is created.

Is there any way we can programmatically work around this feature? If not, can we help in some way, e.g. with a PR on rover? Thank you!

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Did you figure out a solution to this?